Slender Beta

Slender Beta – Running and Screaming Like a Girl (4/8) – YouTube.

So I decided to play the Slender Beta the other day and my experiences made me realize that I should record it. Please enjoy.

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2 whole months without an update….

So yeah, someone asked me about my updates…. I check my page nearly every day, but for some reason I keep pushing off my writing. Sometimes I feel like I am so ready to start doing real work on one of my various stories and other days I feel like I have lost all ability to write. I’ve been wishy-washy about it and I can’t blame anyone else but myself. This is gonna be short, it’s almost 1am and I have to be up for work in the morning. I just need to figure out where I am with my writing and go from there. Blah.


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Stormy Night

So last night, I was messing around in WoW and getting things sorted on all my toons. I heard a bit of thunder so I checked the weather and there was a tiny little thunderstorm just trucking along. Since the building I live in is kinda old and the wiring is terrible we tend to loose power more often from the slightest little things, I decided to bid my friends good night early and shut down the computer. At first I thought I might watch a movie and go to sleep earlier but instead opted to go down stairs and watch the rain as the storm roll in.

It was fairly uneventful at first, I watched the moths around the street compete for the best spots to stay dry. When I got tired of standing I sat down at the foot of the stairs and leaned back so I could see over the tops of the buildings across the street, watching the lightning streak across the sky. As I was relaxing I heard something that didn’t sound quite right, as I listened to the faint echo of the rain hitting the sky light on the third floor there was a much sharper impact mixed in with the dull thud of the rain. I froze and listened as hard as I could, there was another, and another. I sat up and looked outside at the ground. Small pieces of ice were striking the concrete, it was hail.

I am not going to lie, I panicked. Since the tornado I have done fairly well with keeping my cool during storms (with a few exceptions of course). Worried I walked a few steps up the stairs and turned back. It was coming down much harder and thicker now. I ran up both flights of stairs and only hesitated when I crossed underneath the third floor skylight – it was loudest here and the ferocity of the noise convinced me the glass would shatter if I walked beneath it. I sucked it up and continued to the end of the third floor where my girlfriend and her roommates lived. As I knocked on the door I think I experienced a bit of claustrophobia. To my left was the skylight and my right the emergency access door to the fire escape, ice pounding against both creating what felt like a deafening blanket of sound.

As I stood there at the door, I figured everyone was asleep but what if this was going to get bad. I wanted to knock again but I also felt like I was panicking. There’s been a lot of stress the past couple of weeks and I thing this little unexpected storm with it’s hail finally pushed all that stress I’d been bottling up into an irrational fear that we were about to get hit by a tornado. Standing there I pressed my head against the cool glass of my girlfriends apartment door and closed my eyes. Continuing to listen to the hail I took a few deep breaths – my heart was beating like a freight train. She never did answer, which I am glad she didn’t cause a few moments later the sound of the hail deadened back into the dull thud of rain. I took a few more deep breaths and peaked out side the emergency door, it was raining lightly again. I would have felt kind of embarrassed if I had woken her up in my panic.

The door across the hall opened, it was the upstairs neighbors asking what was going on outside. I said it had been hailing so together the three of us went down stairs and looked outside. There was a car alarm going off somewhere near by but for the most part it’s was pretty normal. Most of the ice had already melted but some of the larger chunks lingered on. They looked around for a moment before going upstairs. I stuck around a few minutes longer, took a deep breath, and finally walked upstairs to my apartment and went to bed.

So that’s last night. Before the tornado I would never have reacted that way, I would have stayed and watched and maybe have been stupid enough to try and catch some pieces. However, hail is now forever going to be associated with tornadoes. Some of you may not understand my fear, my reaction to this small 10 minute long event. Towards the end of next month I am going to make a long post about what happened to me last year and why I have some… issues. I also plan on reworking the About Me section, it really needs to be more about me and less about others. Other than that, till I move in June I will probably just be posting once a week for sure and any extra stuff will be when I get time. That’s all I have for now.

Have a good rest of your week!

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The Day After Tax Season

Alright, tax season is over and I am a little bit more free than I was before. I didn’t get to stay through the whole last shift because they didn’t need all 12 of us that wanted to stay. I was one of the first to be told I had to go home early and I think they sent home all but like three or four of the tech agents that were left. It was fun, I’ve been doing tech support for them since the start of January and there were some ups and downs but it was an experience. I learned more about computers and I had ‘Advanced Customer Care’ training which at the time I didn’t think much about but it really does make a difference between the customer having a good experience and a great experience. All that being said, hopefully I will be finding out soon if I get to stay on with the company now that the season is over or if I need to pursue another job since they can’t keep the entire tax season staff.

Now that I am back you may have already noticed that I have finished the About Me section and frankly I am rather proud of it. I also messed with the Writers Block – now when you hover over it you see Bloodline Prophecy project but also a section for poems and short stories! I went through all my poems and those were the two best; “Decay” and “Monster” (also the only poems I’ve written that don’t make me want to wad them up and toss them in the garbage). It is really hard for me to be pleased with my poems so that section… well, we’ll just wait and see what happens there. I added another short story, “The Last Day“. It’s not had near as many revisions as “Somewhere Between Life and Death” and it’s also shorter. I felt it was in good enough condition to post for anyone to read that wants to. At some point in the future I plan on taking a red pen to it and seeing what I can do to improve the overall work. As for other short stories and poems I have some but I’m not sure if I will post them alongside my other works or in another section for projects that I consider incomplete or lacking.

Since I have my weekends back (we’ll see how long that lasts) I am going to try and set aside more time to write. I want to start doing some real work on my Bloodline Prophecy story as well as see if I can’t come up with a few short stories in the mean time and maybe even some poetry. I also have a possible League of Legends fanfic in the works for anyone that might be interested in reading something like that, but it’s secondary right now to my own original work. For anyone familiar with the game it picks up on the storyline they left unfinished from the Journal of Justice updates before it was discontinued.

Well, I need to do some house work so I can enjoy the rest of my day off. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the new additions to the blog!

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Be back in a few….

Between the end of tax season and friends coming into town for a few days, I won’t be able to do any solid work on the blog or post any updates. On a side note, I work for Intuit (owners of TurboTax) I am a Tech Support for their program called Lacerte. So the next 5 days are going to be busy.



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Hey I almost forgot! This is my submission for the Dark Globe “Create A World Writing Contest” go check out their site or read the full story over in The Writers Block section of my blog.

Legendary Post

Somewhere Between Life and Death

by DCreed

@Hamuu’s Notebook

Todd felt the ring in his pocket one last time. His fingers closed around the small metallic band, pulling it from its hiding place and holding it up to the setting sun. The diamond sparkled in the fading light as he slowly turned the ring this way and that. He chuckled at the thought of how odd he must look right now – lifting his hand up in front of him as he stood on the bridge walkway, the cars passing underneath him.

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Music, Writing, Friends, and Experiences

If I am going to talk about myself then I have to explain what essentially makes me the person I am. Everyone has a few things at their core that they can use to describe an aspect of themselves. Maybe yours is Sports, Friends, and Nature. Another might say Cooking, Biology, Acting, and Dancing. A person doesn’t have to limit themselves to just four or feel the need to come up with more than they need. I simply state mine to be the above title – Music, Writing, Friends, and Experiences.

Music is a big thing for me. In high school I was in Band. Trombone was my instrument, however I wasn’t that good. But I loved it, I loved being part of the music. One passion I have is modern violin music. Paired with rock, rap, dubstep, or even just played in a way outside the regular style I love it. In case you need an example I suggest taking a trip over to YouTube after reading this and checking out Lindsey Stirling. Her skill is phenomenal as well as being a prime example of the kind of violin music I enjoy. Also, speaking of dubstep, that’s another thing – I love the wub. Just in case you don’t know what dubstep is then after you’ve checked out Lindsey and her violin then type dubstep in the search and prepare to melt. I realize though I am not really explaining why it’s important, I’m just giving you a list. Music, good music, is something that you don’t just hear but you feel as well. It’s soothing, it’s energizing, it’s an all encompassing river that washes over you and it takes you somewhere. I’m not sure where it takes you though, the destination is always different. I remember fondly my father picking me up from middle school with country music wailing from his speakers. We wouldn’t talk we would just drive around with the top of the convertible down and listen to the music together. Music ties into, at least in my opinion, the spectrum of human emotion. That’s why I feel music is so important, it can move me.

Writing – now this one should be obvious, I wrote a blog for crying out loud. I have never felt gifted with the ability of speech, having had a speech impediment when I was younger. Writing was a way for me to communicate with others in a way that would force them to judge me based not on how I said it, but what I said. Fast forward to our first computer and my adolescent journeys onto message boards. I guess that would be about 13 years I’ve been lurking on forums, commenting, posting, and discovering you can write for fun (that last one I learned really quick having been a member of a Role Playing website for the last thirteen years (for those who don’t know Role Playing is glorified fan fiction)). It also helps because I love to tell stories and in writing I can craft worlds, people, lives. It gives me a level of control I don’t have in the real world. Writing is very important and sadly I have slacked off in the past few years, hence the need to start a blog and get myself back into the swing of regular writing.

My friends are very important to me. I love my family, but I am not as close to them as a lot of them are to each other. I talk to them, I see them when I am able, but my friends know me better than anyone does. Most importantly I feel my friends have had profound effects on who I am. There are things (see dub step in the second paragraph) that I would not have known about if not for friends. I rely on them and they rely on me. I have learned just as much from my friends as I have taught them. Even when we are worlds apart we find the time to meet up, rehash the good old days, and create new memoires to talk about the next time we meet up. Pat and Dubya are two of my best friends, having known them for the past 12-13 years of my life, I befriended them after my father passed away when I was thirteen. They were there when I needed them and for that I will never turn my back on them. My most important friend though is Kayla, I met her four years ago and we’ve been dating the last three and half of those years. She is everything to me and together we help each other grow as we step out into the world. I have other friends as well but I am going to leave it here simply because I don’t want to take the time to go into detail on everyone lol.

Finally we come to my experiences. I hear people say things like “I wish I hadn’t done that.” or “I wish I could take everything I said back.” I disagree, I believe undoing any event in your life will fundamentally change who you are. My father died when I was thirteen and I nearly died in the May 22 Joplin Tornado in 2011. I wouldn’t take back either of those events no matter what the offer. It would change me, my values, and I would cease to be the very person I was. Sometimes it’s hard, but you have to realize every little thing , every hardship, every smile, every sad face, has contributed to who you are now. Some are better for it, others… not so much. But this is at the core of what I believe makes a person who they are.

Well if you’ve read this far I applaud you. I also hope that means I kept your interest and that maybe, as I continue to write this blog, you will feel like maybe you’ve made a new friend and will tag along with me as I continue to chronicle my life on this new blog. Thanks!

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