by Dustin Reed

Everyone has a monster that lurks inside,
A creature with a dark design.
If let loose, my greatest fear,
Would harm all those I hold dear.
Consuming pain with every breath,
To give in would mean my death.
So tired and beaten I fight on.
It must not claim me as its pawn.

But on this field devoid of light,
Can I win an endless fight?
Against the nameless sorrow and hate,
Is loss my only fate?
Confronted with this doubt I slip,
I start to feel the monsters icy grip.
My heart grows cold; my soul to fire,
For a moment I entertain a dark desire.

Emotions fade and turn to stone,
As my body becomes the creature’s home.
With my hand he reaches out,
I protest and I shout.
But listen he does not
For I am the prize the monster has sought.
Now trapped in a body no longer my own,
I am helpless and alone.


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